Monday, January 25, 2010

Some of my upcoming classes/events

May 1st at 5:00pm
Food and Beer
We will make a Firehouse steak sandwich with a roasted pepper mayonnaise, and learn to do double dip Firehouse onion rings with two great dipping sauces. Brother Tom will also match some beers to three great artesian cheeses as well as some of his favorite beers to go with the steak sandwich and onion rings. Of course his home brew will be out for tasting.

May 15th at 5:00pm
All About Tequila
Come enjoy chef Dons’ famous margaritas while we learn to incorporate tequila into our foods. We will start with a jalapeno tequila burger and then make a shrimp and pasta salad with a tequila chile dressing. We will finish with tequila banana rellenos. During all of this the chef will cover the qualities and kinds of tequila and of course sample some fine tequila.

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Katherine Wichmann Zacharias
Kitchen Aide & Caterer

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