Monday, October 11, 2010

Las Vegas, Macy's and more...

Wow! What a crazy whirlwind of a week last week. We did end up going to Vegas but was not able to make Bobby Flay's Restaurant. :-( It's definitely on our list for our next trip out there. We did go to a great Irish pub and they had great food, wonderful atmosphere. You can check them out at The entertainment on Sat night was absolutely hilarious! Great Irish singer. We also made it to our favorite Mexican place we go to annually and of course it was amazing as always, Lindo Michoacan on Desert Inn. Pictures to come.

When I got back I was scheduled to work at Macy's School of Cooking on both Tuesday and Wed. nights. Tues night was canceled upon my return from Vegas on Monday which was disappointing but Wed. was a go. And boy was it worth it, Chef Takashi ( flew out from Chicago for a Japanese inspired class and he was amazing! It was the first time I was able to assist a Japanese chef, I was really looking forward to it. He made a Sweet and Chili Shrimp and Pork Spareribs and they were both amazing. I learned a lot of new techniques and was surprised that he fried the ribs. They were delicious, I made the ribs on Sat night and the shrimp on Fri night at home and they were both a big hit. Both recipes are very time consuming and use a lot of plates as Japanese cooking always does.
(Disclosure: I was asked to write about Chef Takashi by Everywhere and given a gift card to Macy’s for it. The thoughts and opinions expressed above are solely mine)

On Saturday I worked for Chef Bernard again at Macy's. This time it was one of his new gigs, Chef Bernard and the Divas. The Diva this time was Chef Deborah Scott of C Level and Island Prime, she is my all time fav female chef here in San Diego, I was so honored to be there. They made a Brie with Honey Roasted Garlic and Jalapeno Jelly atop a crouton. It was absolutely amazing! She also made her famous Anazasi ravioli with Cascabel Cream Sauce. I was not able to taste the ravioli but the Cream sauce was a amazing. If you are interested in any of her recipes you can ask her for them via Facebook. Chef Deborah also had a surprise for the crowd at the end of class. She brought her first Food Truck, Chop Soo-ey! ( to the parking lot and everyone got a tour, I am very much looking forward to tasting the treats!

On Saturday after Macy's we attended my friends new show, the Gourmet Experience at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I made a lot of great new connections, got another catering gig, and experienced new foods and drinks, it was a great fun event! There was a crazy funny mixologist at the end of the day on Sat who was absolutely amazing. Apparently he opened for Guy Fieri in the past. His margarita was very good!

Have an amazing week and remember to live, love, and eat! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day to all!