Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miho and more!

So on July 1st I had the pleasure of going to Miho gastrotrucks's 2nd anniversary party! OMG the kimchee hot dogs were so amazing!  It was down in San Diego at a quaint park I had never been to.  It had a great view of downtown.  Juan and Kevin really do a  great job!  Someone was generous enough to donate beer for the event.  We met some great folks in line for food, one couple is moving to Long Beach in a month or two so we told them about my chef's truck, @FHCFoodTruck on Twitter, Firehouse Chefs Truck, and the other amazing trucks in LA such as Nom Nom and Grill em all!

On July 4 we had the pleasure of going to a friends house, not only for a 4th of July party, but also for the LA Kings (@LAKings on Twitter) Stanley Cup win party, the food was amazing, the host made burgers with beef and bison and they were to die for!  The other guests brought side dishes that were totally yummy too and went with the burgers perfectly.  We also of COURSE drank high end tequila out of two Stanley Cups!  LOL!

July 8 we had the most amazing opportunity.  Our friends invited us to their annual luau at their home in Vista!  I have been to Hawaii many times in my life including to get married in 2003 and have never eaten at a luau, its always on my list but it doesn't ever seem to happen!  Maybe its a good thing because I was not a foodie then like I am now!  They had a whole pig, a whole salmon, and lamb shanks in the ground over night OMG, was it amazing.  And to top it off everyone brought a side dish that was Hawaiian or luau related, so good!

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