Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy last 5 days ever but awesome for food!  Worked for the second time for a great catering co here in SD, Authentic Flavors Catering/St Tropez on Thurs night for Comic Con for the Haven Fanfest part at the Side Bar in Downtown SD, so crazy fun!  The food we prepped and served was absolutely amazing!  Portabello mushroom sliders with truffle butter!  YUM!  Homemade cream puffs and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert, the LA crowd loved it!  Worked out of Ciro's pizza 's kitchen, insane!  Loved it!  Fri night went to the TGIF jazz Concert in the Park in Carlsbad, pretty mellow night, I was still burned out from Thur night.  Saturday headed to my Rotary's demotion dinner which was catered by Brett's BBQ in Encinitas.  By the time I got to the party Bruce was already there setting up, he rocks, if you have never tried Brett's you have to!  Sunday we went to a party at Seagrove Park in Del Mar, it was catered by a private caterer, her food was amazing!  BBQ, tri tip, chicken fajitas, and two kinds of sausages with the fixings!


  1. Thanks Bhuvana, I am not a good writer but I am trying to get better to do it more consistently! Thanks so much!