Monday, August 3, 2009

Long beach Crawfish Festival and more!

The Long Beach Crawfish festival was fun, the crawfish of course were amazing as they were the highlight of the day. The music was not as good as it was last year nor was the attendance. It seemed as though last years was much bigger.

I made the Rachael Ray pasta salad on Friday for our TGIF jazz in the park concert and it was good, I got great reviews from the friends who were with us. I will warn you though, it took way longer for me to make it than Rachael did on TV. Here's the recipe,

Saturday night we had dinner at a great little restaurant in Long Beach. We have been wanting to eat there for years, great food, great service, and great art. It's called Utopia and it is owned by two partners. We met one last year when we were up there for the crawfish festival. We met the other on Sat night. He is Persian (really nice guy); we talked to him for a while. The specialty of the restaurant is lamb. I hear it's amazing. We will try it next time. My husband ordered the chicken parmesan and it was excellent. I highly recommend it with a glass of red wine. I had the steak salad which was good too with the Malbec we ordered.

Tonight we are going to see the premier of Julie and Julia. I will let you know how it is tomorrow. Have a great day and happy cooking!

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